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Online FS&Q Course Information

Course Summary (This course covers the following Transport Standards content)

  • + Key Definitions For Transport Standards
  • + About Transportation Standards
  • + Development
  • + Transport Standards Development
  • + Food Transportation
  • + Maintaining Transport Security
  • + Need Help with Transport Standards?
  • + Implementation
  • + Documentation
  • + Monitor
Corrective Action and Preventative Action
  • + Corrective Action and Preventative Action
  • + Verify
  • + Validate
Skills and Knowledge
  • + Skills and Knowledge

Recommended Prior Knowledge or Experience

+ No prior knowledge or experience of Transport Standards is required for Training Participants.
+ This Training Activity is recommended for Senior Management, Middle Management and Operational Personnel.

Learning Outcomes

+ Training participants will gain a basic understanding of the application and management of Transport Standards within food safety and quality systems.
+ Basic knowledge competency for Transport Standards can be verified through successful completion of the available assessment activity for this course.
+ Basic skill competency for Transport Standards can be verified through the completion of the competency checklist available through your Training Matrix.

Online Training Environment

Recommended Device Standards
+ CPU - Duel Core or higher
+ Monitor - 11 Inch or larger
+ RAM - 512 MB
+ Operating System - Windows XP or Higher / MacOS
+ Resolution - 1366*768
+ Internet Speed - 2 Mbps
Recommended Browsers
+ Chrome - Chrome 64 or Higher
+ Firefox - Firefox 58 or Higher
+ Internet Explorer - IE11
+ Microsoft Edge - Any Version
Recommended Software
+ Microsoft - Microsoft Office / Open Office
+ PDF Viewer - Adobe Reader / Updated Chrome Browser
+ Flash Player - Adobe Flash Player
+ Zip File - Any Compression tool like WinZip / WinRar

Learning Material Formats

+ The Learning Materials for this Training Activity can be selected from any of the formats provided, including:

Website Content (Text Based)
MP4 (Audio Visual)
MP4 and Text (Audio Visual and Text)
PDF (Text Based)
MP3 (Audio)
Slideshow (Visual)


+ Unlimited access from $9.90 USD Per Training Participant per Year!

Required Time

+ Learning Materials: 60 Minutes
+ Online Assessment Activity: 90 Minutes (Whilst no formal time limit is prescribed for completion of Assessment Activities, we recommend Assessments are completed within a 90-minute timeframe)

Certificate of Completion

+ A Certificate of Completion will be available upon successful completion of the Assessment Activity (Pass mark is 75%).

Post Training Competency Verification

+ A Competency Checklist will be downloadable upon successful completion of the Assessment Activity.