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We are Alimentex, a trusted innovative food industry consultancy… We are experts in Food Safety and Quality development, documentation and implementation and we've provided our clients with top-notch support since 2000. We specialize in innovative solutions to produce superb, tailored Food Safety and Quality outcomes delivered on-time, under-budget and within specified parameters.

Because our process is results-driven we work backward to discover what your Food Safety and Quality scenarios really need and then engage them with outstanding assistance that serve their needs and save you time, effort and money.

What can we do for you? We'll investigate your business. We'll create a profile of your perfect Food Safety and Quality goals. Then we'll help you to create Food Safety and Quality outcomes that maximise their effectiveness.

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What can we do for you?

cardimage cap Consulting

Let our team of Food Safety and Quality Experts assist you with the establishment and maintenance of your Resources. We can set up your FS&Q Program on our platform and apply updates as your business, products and processes evolve.

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Alimentex Consulting

Let us help you to develop integrated Food Safety and Quality solutions that level the playing field and get you ready to control your hazards. In fact, we're experts in helping you to establish effective systemic tools, drive continuous improvements and show you where your most effective outcomes originate. As a leading independent food safety and quality consulting firm, we offer a range of food business consulting, auditing and compliance services.

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Food Safety and Quality Programs

Every food business has different requirements for their food compliance programs, depending on their location, regulatory, industry and customer requirements. Let Alimentex work with you to create a food safety and quality program that will identity and control risk, meet your compliance obligations and protect your business and brands from unwanted damage.

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Internal Audit and System Review

Internal Audits and System Reviews provide a real-time indication of how your food compliance systems are operating and show you areas which require improvement. System Reviews are our speciality, and your business will benefit immensely from having a fresh set of eyes experienced look over it. We're often chosen by corporations to conduct swift, methodical and meaningful reviews of Food Safety and Quality implementations and related 'Culture' outcomes.

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Premises and Equipment Design

With over 200 years combined Food Safety and Quality experience and interactions at over 5000 Food Processing and Manufacturing sites Globally since 2000 reviewing the World's most stringent Customer, Industry and Regulatory Food Standards, we know a thing or two about what "good" looks like!

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Food Labelling Compliance

Most foods require specific information to be included on labelling for compliance to legal requirements. Labelling requirements are complex at the best of times, which is where Alimentex can help! We can assist you with your Food Labelling Activities. Managing the risk of food labelling non-compliance will protect your business and brands from un-wanted negative media attention… save time and money and get it right first time.

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Food Fraud Risk Mitigation

Food Fraud is the deliberate and intentional adulteration or unsafe modification of food, ingredients or packaging, product information, labelling, or misleading statements made about a food product for economic gain. Protect your business and brands by developing, documenting and implementing a best practice-based Food Fraud Risk Mitigation program covering your supply chain and in-house operations.

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Food Recall Investigation

Food Recalls can have such a significant impact upon food business that in the rush to ‘fix’ the scenario, many businesses miss the opportunity to implement real and meaningful change within their business that will prevent related issues from occurring into the future. Engage a genuine Food Safety and Quality Expert to conduct a forensic review of your compliance programs, policies and procedures following a Food Recall and to evaluate your business’ performance against your Food Recall protocols.

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Special Projects and Mentoring

We understand that your business needs access to the best people! Let our team of experienced professionals assist your business by assisting with complex technical projects and high-calibre mentoring to enhance the operational effectiveness of your business operation.

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Alimentex Food Industry Training

Training is a key element of any food business’ compliance program and most importantly, a legal requirement, regardless of the size of your business. Training your team members enhances your compliance outcomes and allows your business to grow. We can provide a tailored training solution that will suit your business, delivered in a manner which is convenient, cost effective and provides superior learning outcomes.

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Private Label Brand Protection

Our consulting activities are driven by a mandate to provide our clients with the skills, knowledge and resources that enable them to prosper. Regardless of whether you’re a Private Label Brand Owner, or your business Manufactures or Packages Private Label Foods, we’ve facilitated the enhancement of food compliance outcomes for some of the most innovative and trusted food businesses around the globe.

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Food Defense Risk Mitigation

Security is a critical issue for every food industry sector and related participants. It is important to consider the potential for people to influence the safety or quality of a food product if the environment and conditions under which it is produced, handled, stored or transported are not appropriately controlled. We can assist you with strategic reviews of your Food Defense programs.

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Food Compliance Culture

Food Compliance Culture is the cumulative outcome of human beliefs and behaviours within a food business and the meaning people attach to those beliefs and behaviours. Achieve better levels of staff communication with one another and with customers through our innovative programs for measuring and monitoring Food Compliance Culture!

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Listeria Risk Management

Listeria is a common cause of Food Borne Illness outbreaks around the Globe. If you Produce or Package Ready to Eat Foods, you can benefit from our tailored Listeria Risk Management Assessments to ensure you are appropriately managing your Microbiological Risk through Best Practice based programs.

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Edible Cannabis Standards

As Edible Cannabis Products become increasingly more popular within some jurisdictions, the scope of related Food Safety and Quality considerations for such products has also grown. We’ve been specialist consultants to the Edible Cannabis Sector since 2017, so feel free to let us know if we can be of assistance.


I like to develop high-calibre solutions for compliance challenges within the food sector. Throughout my career, I have been driven by my passion for food to find answers to the most pressing compliance questions. Whether it’s creating a new food compliance program or updating an existing one, I possess a unique set of personal and professional skills that allow me to quickly offer strategic solutions to my clients.

With my refined skill set, I bring brand-protection mindfulness that enables food businesses to innovate and thrive. I’ve developed cloud based digital food compliance offerings to save our clients thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours each year.

My consulting style is driven by a mandate to provide clients with the skills, knowledge and resources that enable them to prosper. That is what I’ve done for Alimentex clients as I’ve participated in the enhancement of food compliance outcomes for some of the most innovative and trusted food businesses around the globe.

My curiosity for food also drives me to be a lifelong learner. I have engaged with over 3000 food businesses around the globe since 2000 spanning regulatory, industry and customer compliance standards.

My specialties:
  • + Food Compliance Programs
  • + Private Label Brand Protection
  • + Food Defense Risk Mitigation
  • + Food Compliance Culture
  • + Internal Audit and System Review
  • + Food Compliance Strategy
  • + Edible Cannabis Standards
  • + Food Fraud Risk Mitigation
  • + Listeria Risk Management
  • + Mentoring for Food Compliance Professionals

I enjoy travelling and eating my way around the world, creating innovative digital resources and considering ways in which AI and Machine Learning can enhance the future of food compliance, so if you ever want to bounce any ideas off me, please feel free to contact me!

Aron Malcolm
Managing Director – Alimentex Pty Ltd

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